Thorough, professional, informative and careful. Cooley’s Heating & Air delivers a full range of services to our customers with the support and quality workmanship you deserve.

You’re never left out in the cold with Cooley’s Heating & Air. From electric and gas furnaces to heat pumps, boilers and hot water heaters, we repair and replace all heating systems. We can point you to the best choice for your home or business and we give FREE consultations. We also offer ENERGY STAR rated heating systems, so you can rack up big savings on heating costs during the winter while staying warm and cozy.

Air Conditioning
When you need service or repair on your home or business air conditioning system, Cooley’s easy-to-talk-to technicians are the best at getting to the bottom of the problem and quickly returning things to normal. If you need a new system, we will assess your home or business free of charge and design a system that fits your specific environment and budget. We also provide indoor air quality products and dehumidifying to ensure your comfort on the hottest days.

Don’t let small problems spiral out of control. Before the cooling or heating seasons, it is a smart move to have your system checked out by one of our maintenance experts. The Cooley’s team will conduct a thorough inspection and cleaning of your air conditioning and heating system to improve performance and avoid costly breakdowns. For even more peace of mind, we offer annual preventative maintenance plans that keep your equipment operating at peak efficiency and cost savings year-round. Click here for the details.

Indoor Air Quality
Pollen, dust, bacteria, tobacco smoke, cooking smoke and animal hair can keep your air from being as clean and healthy as possible. The experts at Cooley’s Heating & Air have the breathe-easy solutions offering complete residential and commercial air cleaning services. Let us clean and deodorize your entire system so you and your family can enjoy fresher, heathier air.

Have a question or need service? We’re always available to jump in with an answer or some hands-on help. Call us at any time at (812) 883-9999.